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instructional & recharge policies

Isla Vista Theater is a fully staffed building.  If the venue is open, a representative of the theater must be in the building to assist with operating any equipment.

For booking and equipmate inquiries, please see 

Instructional Use

The first priority for the assignment of Instructional Resources equipment, facilities, and services is to support instruction on the UCSB campus.

As funding permits, Classroom Services will provide service to campus academic departments during the regular academic year in order to support any courses which take place at the time and location listed in the current Schedule of Classes.

Campus Affiliated Events, and Recharge Uses

Event Management

  • Renting organizations must provide ushers or event staff for patrons safety, and to organize the event (contact AS Event Staff to request)
  • All renters must adhere to posted room capacities, failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your event

Event Clean-up/Client Responsibility

  • Rooms are cleaned daily, Sunday through Thursday.  Additionally a sweep occurs Monday through Friday (pick up newspapers, trast etc),  However, there may be paper trash left behind prior to an event
  • All renters are encouraged to provide volunteers to clean-up before their event
  • All renters must pick up any trash in the theater and take out the trash at the end of their event
  • Renters will be held financially accountable for damage and/or excessive clean-up as a result of their event


  • Due to our location in Isla Vista, we require a minimum security presence of one CSO office on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evening events
  • All security concerns are the purview of UCPD.  
  • Events should be vetted through the Minor Events Committee at which point the Police have the opportunity to evaluate security needs.


IV theaters contacts

natascha CohenSr. public events managerIsla Vista Theaters
960 Embarcadero Del Norte
Isla Vista, CA 93117
kate Williamspublic events managerIsla Vista Theaters
960 Embarcadero Del Norte
Isla Vista, CA 93117